We provide comprehensive Canadian immigration services. We can assist with the following categories:

  • Canadian Permanent Residence
  • Canadian Temporary Residence
  • Business Immigration

Permanent Residence

There are several categories through which a client can obtain permanent residence in Canada.

  • We will do a comprehensive assessment/review and advise the client on selection of the right category.
  • We will prepare and submit the required paperwork and follow through with the Immigration offices.
  • We will assist the client in submitting any additional documentation as required.


An appeal is like a re-hearing of all the relevant issues so all documents and evidence must be presented to put the best case forward. In appeal cases we will ensure:

  • All the evidence is before the appeal tribunal
  • Timely disclosure to the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB)
  • Prepare appellants for their hearing
  • Ensure relevant witnesses are called to give evidence to support the appellant’s case

Deportation Cases

  • We will only accept retainers where there is a reasonable chance of preventing the client from being deported.
  • We do not encourage reviews in the Immigration and refugee Tribunal, if the chance of succeeding is low, as that would be a waste of the client’s money if there is no reasonable chance of success.
  • However if there is a reasonable chance of success we will present all the remedies available at law in order to maximize fundamental elements of Immigration and refugee defense mechanisms.

Refugee/Asylum Claims

In refugee/asylum claims we will:

  • Properly advise the client about their  PIF / Narrative and that the facts must be consistent and credible.
  • Do all of the relevant research in regards to country conditions.
  • Ensure the client can establish a genuine fear of persecution.
  • Establish a lack of state protection and no reasonable flight alternative in the country clients have claimed asylum from.
  • Ensure that all necessary conference calls to witnesses involved have been properly arranged so that they can give effective supporting evidence of the applicant’s claim.